May-July Stack

Went on vacation to the beach in July and I have been slowly coming back to review all of the books I read (Whew *wipes brow*).

What I read these months:

5/6: Alex Michaelides, The Silent Patient (291205291205291205291205291205)!

5/22: Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing (291205291205291205291205291205)!

6/17: Christelle Dabos, The Missing of Clairedelune (291205291205291205)

7/11: Angie Kim, Miracle Creek (291205291205291205unknown-e1529329215790.png)

7/29: Jayson Greene, Once More We Saw Stars (291205291205291205291205unknown-e1529329215790.png)

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