Hello! My name is Madelyn, and Books Illuminated is my book blog. I graduated college (#goheels) with degrees in chemistry and anthropology, and I am currently in my second year of medical school. Now I know what you may be thinking . . . what is a science gal doing writing a book blog?


All too many times, I’ve gone in search of a new book to read only to come away an hour later empty-handed. I know I’m not alone. Sometimes finding a good book to read is like trying to find that one missing sock after a laundry cycle: elusive and frustrating. Now that I have some extra time on my hands I want to help simplify the search for those who don’t.

I love to read, probably more than can be conveyed through this blog. But what I love more than reading is getting my friends hooked on books. Whether it be a psychological thriller or a memoir, watching my friends light up when reading a book I’ve read and recommended to them is just as good as reading the book for me.

So, friend, welcome. Let’s get started.