The following is a record of all books I have reviewed organized alphabetically by author.

Atwood, Margaret

The Testaments (Reviewed 10/8/19)

Benjamin, Chloe

The Immortalists (Reviewed 7/5/18)

Cleeton, Chanel

Next Year in Havana (Reviewed 8/31/18)

Corrigan, Kelly

Tell Me More (Reviewed 7/7/18)

Couto, Mia

Woman of the Ashes (Reviewed 6/21/18)

Crouch, Blake

Recursion (Reviewed 9/6/19)

Dabos, Christelle

A Winter’s Promise (Reviewed 11/15/18)

The Missing of Clairedelune (Reviewed 6/17/19)

Desmond, Matthew

Evicted (Reviewed 9/6/18)

Dunmore, Evie

Bringing Down the Duke (Reviewed 9/30/19)

Frear, Caz

Sweet Little Lies (Reviewed 10/15/18)

Gibson, Claire

Beyond the Point (Reviewed 4/23/19)

Hendricks, Greer

The Wife Between Us (Reviewed 6/27/18)

Hilderbrand, Elin

The Perfect Couple (Reviewed 11/30/18)

Hinton, Anthony Ray

The Sun Does Shine (Reviewed 8/14/18)

Hoang, Helen

The Kiss Quotient (Reviewed 6/28/18)

Joy, David

The Line That Held Us   (Reviewed 9/16/18)

Keane, Mary Beth

Ask Again, Yes (Reviewed 9/26/19)

Kim, Angie

Miracle Creek (Reviewed 7/11/19)

King, Stephen

The Outsider (Reviewed 6/24/18)

Kwan, Kevin

Crazy Rich Asians (Reviewed 7/2/18)

Lauren, Christina

The Unhoneymooners (Reviewed 7/7/19)

McNamara, Michelle

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (Reviewed 10/25/18)

Michaelides, Alex

The Silent Patient (Reviewed 5/6/2019)

Miles, Jonathan

Anatomy of a Miracle (Reviewed 8/3/18)

Miller, Madeline

Circe (Reviewed 11/21/18)

Ng, Celeste

Little Fires Everywhere (Reviewed 6/18/18)

North, Alex

The Whisper Man (Reviewed 10/13/19)

Novik, Naomi

Uprooted (Reviewed 7/17/18)

Orange, Tommy

There There (Reviewed 1/20/19)

Owens, Delia

Where the Crawdads Sing (Reviewed 5/22/19)

Pekkanen, Sarah

The Wife Between Us (Reviewed 6/27/18)

Penny, Louise

Kingdom of the Blind (Reviewed 4/11/19)

Rum, Etaf

A Woman is No Man (Reviewed 2/26/2019)

Sedaris, David

Calypso (Reviewed 7/22/18)

Thorne, Sally

The Hating Game (Reviewed 8/19/18)

Watson, Christie

The Language of Kindness (Reviewed 8/13/18)

Way, Camilla

The Lies We Told (Reviewed 11/8/18)

Welch, Jenna Evans

Love and Gelato (Reviewed 8/11/18)

Westover, Tara

Educated (Reviewed 7/13/18)